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Fun game! I can easily imagine additions you might make to it, and I hope you do find the time to follow up!

Thanks, this is just what I needed! I made a little project with convenient reusable nodes that add functionality to their parents and I was surprised to realize there wasn't an easy way to move them into the projects where I'd use them.

Thank you! There's so much more to be discovered about that sorceress.

This looks super cool! I'm not usually one for horror, but I like the look of this a lot, and I'll report back if I do play a session of it! I really enjoy the way this distills the FitD rolling down while still leaving a fair amount of variation.

I love this demo! Everything feels really good, from the mining to the way the aliens smash against the slowly-cracking glass. It felt tense the whole time, even near the end when I had a lot of upgrades.

Thank you!

Thank you! It was fun to make. emailed me that you had released a new game called Fish Quest, and I had an immediate image of what that would be. Even moreso when I saw it was Bitsy.

This Fish Quest, while charming, was not the game I had imagined. So, I decided to learn some more Bitsy and make it!

Thank you for releasing this publicly and inspiring me.

My Fish Quest

Fun, and looks good!