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ePlays Gamer

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it was a really fun and great demo. THANK YOU.

A good horror game considering it's completely free.

Fun little game!

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I really liked this game, good job Dev, although I wish it was longer.

Fun game. I'm going to play the full version next. THANK YOU.


Good Game. I loved it.

I enjoyed the game. Thank you Dev.

Nice Game. I enjoyed it.

Good Game.

It was a good game. i liked it.

Good Game.

I Played the demo. this game is amazing so far.I hope the full version explains more about the stroy.THANK YOU.

I really liked the concept of this game. It has some potential if you're going to work on it more. Great work and THANK YOU.

Listen here.... this game is AWESOME. I really like this kind of games and I hope there are more episodes. THANK YOU so much and Keep up the good work.

I'll play that too.

I really enjoyed playing this game even though, I wish it was longer and has more jumpscares. GOOD WORK and THANK YOU.

To be honest with you, the game wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't that good either. No story, easy tasks, and no horror atmosphere. Even the killer is not that scary. I liked the controls a little bit but the camera angle is weird sometimes. Anyway, it was a fun experience, even though it was a short one. THANK YOU.

I had fun playing this game. I love this kind of games. Nice work, keep it up. 

I really loved this game. It has a creepy atmosphere and accurate jump scares. I'm looking forward for your upcoming projects. THANK YOU.

Yeah why not. Thank you so much for the offer. I really appreciate it.

I think i've seen this game's map, soundtrack and pretty much everything before in a mobile (android) game called Grandpa Horror Mask (not the same story tho). Which makes me wonder, if you're the one who made that game too, or did you copy someone else's work, or what.... Anyway I enjoyed the game, and it was a fun experience. THANK YOU.

I Just finished uploading my playthrough of TV Night. It was a cool game, i enjoyed it, and i wish it was a little bit longer . Good job david.