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Validate is a beautiful, beautiful game! The premise and character design had me hooked from the start. Inaya, Isabelle, and Malik are well-rounded and relatable, which makes this stand out among many other attempts at realism in this genre. This game is a total gem.

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Oh man, that would absolutely be my fault (Dee speaking!) Thank you for the catch! I've just gone ahead and updated Daphne's to the proper bio.

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This is so unbelievably cute! And I'm impressed at the presence of an actual learning curve in such a simple and effective game. 

It took me a minute to get used to holding down and catching the line before it moved out of the smooch zone, and I love that. 

It's such a great way to play with these mechanics, and the art feels really homey (wink wonk). 

ALSO THE HOMIES ARE ADORABLE. King is my favorite!

YAY! Been looking forward to this for a while now! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

Extremely relatable, ooh boy.  Not ashamed to admit that I got a li'l misty eyed.  It's always powerful when a creator shares a deeply personal story. Thanks for doing so. 

Absolutely loved this game. The characters involved are so familiar to me, and the animation feels surreal, airy, and comforting all at once. Looking forward to the full release!