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This is such a good game! It matches up with the creepypasta perfectly! good job, KirleyGames!

Okay. I think I understand.

Okay. But for me I can only play one night. Is there more I can access?

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This is such a amazing game! if this is a demo please realease the full game on I would love to see what else is in store for me with this game!

what the he

michael bay

very cool game

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Okay. Now I have made a email account. my username is, thank you. Now what?

How? I'm on the website. I don't get it :

I am on The Puppet Combo website. where do I go from here is what I mean to say. I don't see a troubleshooting part on the website.

I already have. Now what?

So the problem is I downloaded it not with the pack and everytime I install it nothing happens. My dad tried helping me trying to extract it with 7zip and what not. It just won't work. It refuses to Launch everytime I download it, like I said everytime I install it. Nothing will happen. Please HELP.

This game is so great! the first time I played it I was in love with this game! Stay cool Deadly Crow Games <3

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Hey! I'm a large fan of your games and I wanted to know, well first I have a Acer Computer and it won't let me launch this game, why is that?