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I had some fun with this game! 

Had a good time with this game! 

I really enjoyed this one! Fun to play around with and the "cheat code" on the main menu was super great. I got up to 500 before my game started really lagging out lol.

This was a fun one! Would be even better with a bit better control of the plane's movements. But I enjoyed the visuals and the soundtrack a lot!

Starts at 13:05

I enjoyed this creative puzzle game! First game featured in my video. =]

Really funny idea! Kind of highlights the importance of staying hydrated while working outside too. haha.
Heatstroke Homestead starts at around 4:30 in the video. Thanks for making a fun game!

Hey, I had a lot of fun playing through Droplet! Reminded me of some toys I had when I was a kid. Fun stuff!

This is such a neat idea. I hope lots of people discover it and partake in it. I encountered one little bug toward the beginning of the video where the bricks loaded in at an off angle, but other than that I had no other issues! Fun stuff!

Absolutely enjoyed Deepdive. Well done!

Some fun characters and an interesting "combat" system make Quarter Dollar a fun one to keep an eye on as it continues to develop!

What a relaxing game! Good job! Would love some sounds lol
Relax, Mow Some Grass content starts at 4:52. =]

I had a lot of fun guessing through them! Great work on the creative designs!

Cute game! Can't wait to see the full game! Keep me posted.

Good stuff! Can't wait for more content!

I had an absolute BLAST with this. What a fun experience. (and relatable, to an extent, lol).

There are some REALLY clever mechanics in this. Can't wait to see the game grow and play the final product!

Played Earl's Day Off. Featured it as my Monday indie game on Epic Brew. 

Looking forward to seeing the concept expanded.

Really neat game, made me jump more than a few times!

Looking forward to playing chapter 2 next weekend!

I had a lot of fun playing Double Dodgers! 

Hey, I really enjoyed this one! Great work, especially for a first game. Cheers!

Ah, yeah, I had no idea there were hints, that's cool though! Maybe in the tutorial it might help to mention it? But besides the bush cat, it was challenging enough but not too hard. =]

Lol yeah, I was hoping it was possible and then I did it! I'd love to check it out when multiplayer is added. 

I really enjoyed this! Great idea for a birthday present. The cat in the bush was a bit tricky to find.

I had lots of fun playing! Hope to see more soon!

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I had a lot of fun! I got the bugged ending though.

Great game though, stay in touch!

Hey, I had a blast trying out this early version of Leechbug! I believe I got as far as possible in the current version?