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Epic Gamer123

A member registered Sep 16, 2020

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XDDDDD i laughed so much when he went insane after his dog photo got damaged(sry I am insane ig) printer pog

Wow this is pretty awesome... 
can we have the punch and attack combos again?
those combos really make the game unique
thank you

the very normal chrome

hello dear developer for i have loved all your game am stuck at the "hey,why dont we settle this over a party fighting game" scence if you kindly would please help me for i am on a chromebook

how about the reversal stock that thing litterally doubles the bullet

this game relates to "getting over it" but even harder

ahh yes very peacefull....loved it ;)

yes grandma will soon show you somethiing.............

too much knockback force lol

oh bruh lol get ready fellow gamer get your guns it finnaly time 

stats increased


if yes try using a mouse

u are on a laptop and using a touch pad right?

GUYS its acctaly safe anitvirus use is avg

i am gonna scan the file,,, 

is it safe tho?

UHHH what? wait what? where is the download button... and the comment secetion is going crazy someone help me find the download button

that was not V E R Y cool... :/

more like d u c k

bro i cant download muck sadly... cuz its on steam and steam takes space and cant run on my pc 

me looking thin after dirking a bottle full of milk? no excatly

bro leave the dani reference's alone help me this game is stuck on black screen

Y E S, that was very cool

we dont speak about the drill.... doesnt make sense in this comment but anywyas

we dont speak about the drill

uhh after read the comments i understand sorry i just (Sigh) nvm byee

DANI WHY YOU JUST WHY bruh i wanted muck to be released on why did you relese it on steam(steam requires 70gb and i have a potato pc)please upload it on you cant do that)

ohh i see you really got talent bro but i guess time doesnt wait :/ thanks for reply tho

:D and this wonderfull game

man you are so good at this why not update this game ?

we need game downloadable and it needs a save button please add it


they should add stress from fnf 


i hated one thing one this game that is killing pico


what is gotta be balanced?

...i dont understand anything? but after readin comment i guess this is a sad game :/

i guess i dont have emotions

XD such nice game but my theory of the game is love break up and then trying to rebuild it i loved it not scary tho i had my volume at 100%

Y E S   V  E  R  Y  E P I C

i kinda doubted it cuz this is not the official ninja muffin release but after reading the other comments I kinda feel relieved thanks bro

kawaii soo cute