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epic fart 934

A member registered Nov 05, 2022

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is this a UE4 game?

great! i would like it to look like the screenshot more though!

undreamedpanic i would like more about lamphead in this remaster

its wrong

hi can you fix a bug where even if i shoot him he gets stunned but doesnt run away?

he is working on a remade verson of this game called sirenhead southpoint



the red one is lamp head just if you see a light in the tree just run away and he wont catch you its just useless to shoot.

you just need to click "no thanks just take me to the downloads"

You doesnt need to pay money

extract it and then open it

why do you exist

i saw the video title before it loaded  i think that is a copy undreamed panic

pretty nice

also if you shoot him far away he will not run away for some reason

your game is nice! but i dont think it should be 8 gb if you finish all the endings