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I'm really glad you liked the vibes! Try searching the map, not all of them are on puzzles.

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Sadly the place you mentioned was shut down some years ago, I was dying to go for obvious reasons lol

Los gráficos y la música estan bien logrados, el parallax de la Patagonia me encanta. 
Hubiese estado bueno que la ludonarrativa acompañe el tópico de la Jam fuera de la pantalla final.

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Audiovisualmente es fantástico, aunque no se termina de entender el objetivo.
La única vez que pude pasar al segundo nivel fue por un bug en la pantalla principal.

¿Dónde esta para descargar el Proyecto?

I think I uploaded the wrong version... damn it! You should be able to run the .exe with Wine on OSX! 

Thank you! How did you find it?

I only played the first Pathologic and got my ass spooked. I guess I must play the second one now.

Brigado irmao! <3

Pretty damn cool, the first two arcs felt a lot like the opening scene from Pulp Fiction (in a very positive way)  The Silver Case font really plays onto the aesthetic, and the last bit was better looking that a lot of big productions.
While I lost myself a bit on the writing, it was enjoyable non the less. Felt really personal for some reason.

The composition of the shots was superb, I'll probably give it one or two more plays to really savor it.


I'm really glad you liked it 💘

What puzzle did you have trouble in?

I'm surprised that people are still playing it 💘💘

Thanks a lot, we are thinking about doing -something- with Duvet. Stay tuned!!

We are thrilled that you enjoyed it, thanks for playing and letting us know your thoughts!!!

Thanks a lot Sami!!! <3

Thank you lots! Glad the aspects we cared about the most resonated with you.
It was a short project that we came up with in two months, but who knows what comes next!

Hey there! We are glad you enjoyed our game!!

On the topic of length, we had a small pool of play-testers and found discrepancy among them, truth is that the length is now clear that it's closer to the hour or so.

Both mechanics you mentioned were things that we wanted to implement but due to time constraints was impossible, we might update the game with these quality of life features.

Perhaps the ending will make more sense on your second run, if not, let us know.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, it motivates us to keep going forward-

Thank you so much for playing the game and taking the time to write down a review for our game. It means the world to us.

It was certainly inspired by other games like Resident Evil so we are glad that it brought back some memories - and that our intention with the atmosphere of the game is reflected in it.

We agree regarding the mouse feedback feature and we will definitely take it into account for updates. This is for most of us a first time experience and we have a lot to learn from it, so we really appreciate any suggestion.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!