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The developer has stopped updating all of her crowdfunding pages and her Twitter account. It would be a bad idea to place a preorder for the time being.

The game looks really good, so it's a shame she seems to have ghosted her supporters.

It would have been nice if this were the advantage of adopting a pet, since there's already three other ways to reduce stress at home (sleeping early, playing games, watching porn). 

Hikaru likes the casual shirt.

Toru doesn't seem impressed by the game console ("I don't know what I'll use it for, but thanks!"), which is either an odd writing choice or a glitch. 

I'm getting this too--can't save or load (the error there is "AttributeError:'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'SpecialAction'"). 

Excited to play the game, once I can save it!

Oh never mind--I figured it out. Sorry!

Still isn't working for me, even though I'm being contacted with updates at the address on my account.