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Thanks for taking the time to write the feedback! Most of your thoughts about design actually mirror our own. Right now I believe we can actually make this work with some more polish.

You mentioned
> it is too easy to lose expensive items (in part due to bugs)
Can you elaborate what bugs did you encounter?

I'm also interested in how did your save fail?

Idu community · Posted in Demo 8

Thanks for trying the demo and taking your time to write this feedback! I think I'll be able to address all your points in at least some way in the next update.

Some thoughts on your points:

1. I think increasing the pickup range would solve this. There's also an inventory limit of 50 items, I think that's why you weren't able to pick up anything after some time. I should probably show this limit somewhere

2. Seeds can be found by smashing the cubes that have squares on their faces. Plants can only be placed on sand right now.

3. Ladders should help with that, although currently there's no point in going higher than 30 blocks over water unless you want to build a very vertical garden. I plan to add blocks that spawn only on the higher levels to motivate player to use all the available space, but I agree that the level generation algorithm should be improved before that.

4. It works correctly on my computer so this may need some more investigation. Were you running the linux or windows version? Do you have a generic mouse or something fancy?

It's been fixed for a long time, but I havent uploaded a new version yet. 

That's odd. Care to send me the log file? 

Hmm, I dunno. If anything, then maybe the uneven tracks and cornering that made the hovercar grind.

I also liked the more real world of the old one as opposed to the new one's more abstract world.

I remember downloading a version of Ultrawide ~5 years ago that I really enjoyed. I still have it and I occasionally do a couple of laps there.  Loved the handling and overall feel you had there.

Compared to the old one, this seems like a step back for me,  unfortunately.  Since it seems in a really early stage, I hope it surpasses the old one eventually.

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Yeah, totally. I got really stuck with water simulation and got a full time job. I haven't abandoned it,  but I currently have about 4-5 hours a week to work on it.  Good news is that I think I have the water simulation figured out, so after I've integrated it into the game, I could to an upldate

Thanks, it helped me to finally catch this issue. I'll upload the fixed version with the next update.

That's interesting. Can you run it from the command line and copy me the output? Can you tell me your system specs?

Thanks for the offer, but I already have someone lined up for sound design and music.