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are,,,, are you pro nuclear war??? this post is baffling

very clever!!

rip glimbus you refused to eat your sandwich

I truly don't think I'll ever find a game with such good flight mechanics. It kind of ruined all other games with winged-characters for me, tbh! Now I'm just disappointed when I don't need to build momentum or adjust my wing angle lol

Very good game, very fun mechanics, you can just run around and fly for hours and be entertained. The puzzles are fun and unique.

Excellent game, can't wait for the next chapter! The art is fantastic, the story is great. I really like sniper mode, it's a fun addition and much less frustrating than getting smoke bombed and stun gunned in regular combat haha

War is a terrible thing, and it benefits no one. Good to see that reflected here. The characters are great, I care about each of them, here's hoping none of them are lost to the horrors of war, but hey, I'm bracing myself for the inevitable 

If I uninstall it, will I retain my save file for the next update? Or will I have to play the whole thing again? Is there an export save button?

Yeah! Life sucks and I get that it's trying to be realistic, but even if you can't be successful in your lifetime, it could at least include a hopeful message and let you impact future generations :(

Doom and gloom will not incite change. It will simply spark hopelessness and cause people to give up. Let people know the world is bad, but give them the motivation to fix it.

Fun as hell, I've wanted to play it for a while, I was lucky it was in the Ukraine bundle! It's like if Sam and Max had an indie kid with Detective Grimoire but also with way more fish and they then got a divorce. If that makes sense.Smiche 🥶🐟 : r/smiche

I got the big one :)

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Does anyone else get the adobe air error when trying to start it? i transferred my files from one computer to another so that might have to do something with it. I'll try downloading it again but it'll suck to restart my save :(

EDIT: got the error for the installer too, figured out how to get adobe air though, yay!

EDIT AGAIN: Damn, I still have to restart my save. Oh well, here goes nothing! ^^

One Eared Jerio forever

thank you.

Absolutely breathtaking. The art is gorgeous, the audio compliments the story beautifully. Each character was truly interesting and they all tied together amazingly at the end there. The poor, troubled souls. I don't exactly know what Lady Winterbourne did, but I have my suspicions that in her grief she blamed Lord Socks for the accident and... yeah. Kitty :(

It was to make a point about the racism he faced. It was shown in a bad way, the creators are not condoning use of the slur.

This was VERY good. Perfectly emulates what I've been going through for the past few months.


Honestly I found the funky lil men more cute than scary. But the slowly changing environment was eerie, the long room with photo textures, etc., very nice! Also... I sobbed a little when I had to put the silly little dog in the tea LMAO

Very cute. I've felt so depressed and lonely over the past few months it's nice to have a little simulated social environment full of round friends :)

Even if some of them are lil rude boys

I agree. This isn't making anyone motivated to make the world better for people, it's just making me depressed lmao. Yeah life's a game of chance but there really is no chance in this game. All outcomes are bad. As a black man, my family business did alright but I was still unhappy. As a European woman, I was successful and got a degree in film making, and my films failed because I was a woman. As an Asian man I couldn't move to the city because I couldn't get a passport. Chance implies good and bad outcomes, not just bad ones. I get the message they're trying to send but it wasn't exactly delivered in the best way. Instead of 100 percent cynical it should have given you an opportunity for you to take charge and make the best out of the cards you were dealt. Times can be hard but not everything has to be so down all of the time for minorities :/

One thousand out of ten. Fat bear week changed my life. I will be an infinitely better person after playing this game. When I found out that there were areas that you had to think to get into, I turned on my one brain cell and positively erupted in delight when I unlocked the next bears.


-knitted clothes for premature babies

-abolished slavery

-and baked mean cookies


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10/10, jumpscared me with a poorly photoshopped picture I made of GLaDOS pointing a gun at the screen.

Sadly, my immersion was broken because it takes the name from your computer, and, well, my computer username is my school given user. Oh well! haha

Perfection. Very spooky.


this is so weird, my little angel bean Shiloh acting like this right off the bat, but you know what? I'm living for it. Also, he unintentionally said my username.


Thanks so much! ^^ I thought the humor was pretty bad, but I'm relieved you liked it

Will do!

Pretty fun and quite impressive for the time limit! For future reference, I did encounter a bug where I freed the little spiky ball thing and it fell, but it didn't register that it hit the box.

Nooo, I like it! I joined TODAY at 1 PM and started it at 4 lol. Yours is better than mine by a landslide. The only saving grace is gonna be the music my brother is making for it.

Okay but this is actually really fun?  Took me a minute to figure out but I ascended to a higher plane once I figured it out. Great job!

I really love this game! I was drawn towards the art style, but the strange twist that they all have horrible flaws kept me there. I introduced my friend to this game so now we're constantly screaming about it. I've finished the Shiloh route (he's super cute and I love him help), and I'm currently doing the Everett one. The only flaws I see is that sometimes it glitches and doesn't add any money or affection after working or other things. That's it! My friend and I are currently screaming about how if there was merch we would buy it all. Thanks for the great game and I hope to play more, and even buy the full version maybe!