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WOAH OKAY i probably should NOT have read this and i mean that in the best way possible. i'm no stranger to gore, in comics or otherwise, but something about this specifically is getting to me. it's so visceral, so well-made. it feels almost like vent art!
i didn't know this was in the queer games bundle but i scrolled thru the page for it and was like 'huh i recognize that art style WAIT A MINUTE'
anyway 10/10, never going to read this again because now i feel all hollow inside but it was SO worth it!!

oh no hes hot

oh shit he's hot

just got drowned by a sexy mermaid. 10/10 game

made friends with a possibly-made necromancer. we rule the remains of an infected together. 10/10

The first one is an example of the missing dialogue bit. The second is an example of the pronoun issue, but I know there's more. This was just the first one I saw. 

Hi! Just a minor thing--when I selected the pronouns for all of the characters (I chose the all male option, if that changes anything), it seems there were a few missing bits in the dialogue. Lucian, for instance, was regularly referred to as they/them despite my choices indicating otherwise.
Additionally, some of the text in some spots seems to be missing? Instead of where I'm assuming a nickname would be, there's just a blank space. For example:
"Dialogue dialogue dialogue, (space) . Other than that, the game looks great! I can't wait to see where you go with this.

WOAH big ole stalker man, makes my heart go doki doki
okay all meme-y talk aside the abandoned ending hit me hard!!! i really like this

omg this is SO GOOD so far!! idk what episode this counts as but i killed the count and. he was hot. im sorry but dude you were threatening my friend, that's your fault
anyways! good game! i love this!! if i ever get money i'll try to become a patron :D

Oh, wow. I love this game with everything I have; it's so heartfelt and raw yet so well-written. As someone with Asperger's Syndrome I can relate; the eyes part is what really hammered it in. This game is great. Please keep writing!

was the hammer/drill thing an intentional ref? bc if so holy shit,,

i will dump literally ALL of my time into this game. i am invested. i will sell my soul for the full game. aaaaaaaa

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omg do i get to date the demon? do i get palpable t e n s i o n w/the demon? this is great. i love this game. 10/10. all jokes aside ur writing is great and i hope you keep adding onto this uwu
edit: omg i get to date tahira? ooh that's good too,,

holy cow.

i don't know how to describe this game, but i love it! it's so detailed, the writing's great--i haven't felt this invested in a game in a long, long time!

this is one of those games where you don't really know what's going on so you're groping in the dark for meaning, but that's alright because you know the game's good regardless. 

one question, though: is it safe to say the protagonist is alright now? 

yooooo, holy shit, i love this game! it's short and sweet and all kinds of spooky in a way i'm not used to. interactive thingies like this are usually really cool, especially in the horror genre.

on a side note, i'm gonna go check my windows.

Yo, this game is beautiful. A e s t h e t i c

I love it! Will there be a sequel?

This game is great! I love it with all my heart and hope you go far. My only critique as of now is the grammar--specifically, the run-on sentences. I think it'd help, however slightly, if you fixed this all-too-common problem, to set yourself above all the rest!

Additionally, the clothing design, while a good concept, doesn't really translate that well. It's fun to play the first few times, but gets repetitive after a while. I'd suggest finding a way to spice things up.

Other than that, I love this game! Best of luck!