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strangely soothing, more, please!

I love everything about this, the minimalist, creepy sounds and music and perfect art for the project. The cramped field of view is a nice touch. Keep 'em comin'.

Looks like the update fixed whatever it was.  Superb experience , Dev! Really looking forward to a full game. If I could request one thing, it would be an achievement for squishing frogs :) Really great style and  very engaging story. Masterful cliffhanger. Instant purchase when it gets to Steam. 

I loved the first installment and was very excited to see a second chapter. This is great storytelling in how it feeds you pieces of the narrative and lets the player fill in some of what's going on. I love the aesthetic overall and think its spot on for retro poly games. Some subtle music would really make the future installments really come to life...or make watching it be taken even better. Overall a fantastic job, man.

I am. I just updated so I'm gonna check it out now and see how it be

I want to play this so bad but it keeps crashing. The short time I’m able to get is great though! 

This is a perfect example of games breaking away from simply being lumped in with what the world knows as the medium.  Maskless is the kind of work that should inspire gamemakers to toss off making another platformer or shooter and spend some time focusing on how they can shape the future of gaming. Great stuff.