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Suggestion: Remove the roll mechanic. All roll mechanics do is waste the players time. Any dedicated player is just gonna spam roll until they get what they want. I feel it's better to give the player points to allocate as they wish.

Can barely read anything. The scaling needs work.

Please offer a volume adjustment or reduce the volume by 99%.

Here's some feedback:
  • Would be nice to have volume control. It's extremely loud.
  • There's no explanations or prices listed.
  • Looks like some kind of bug with the table sprites on the top row. You can see them flickering here:

Yes, the controller worked. It just felt unintuitive and uncomfortable.

WASD is a pretty widely accepted standard for PCs. Personally I would use both keyboard and mouse but the control style I prefer may not be in line with your goal as the developer.

I usually prefer twin-joystick style shooters on PC to have movement dictated by WASD and aiming and attacking handled by the mouse.

If it were me I'd decide if I wanted to be able to attack in four directions or eight and then split up attack states based on degrees relative to mouse position from the player object to handle the attack direction and sprite animations.

Mandatory game controller use on a pc game = no bueno.

Controls feel terrible.

Art and music are nice.

Can't give much input on how much fun it is because the controls ruined it for me.