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Are their plans to make this playable on Mac?

It's a known bug, you'll just have to cheat it in by editing the save files.

Still broken


It seems like the download for Mac is broken, it keeps on saying that the application is damaged

How much do you plan to sell the game for. Also good luck!

I figured it out, I was using the jump button, not the move up button.

Where is that place?

Still doesn't work. I also tried resetting the save file, and it's still broken. 

The vapor plasma in deep town hides on the big room to the right seems to be broken also. It won't go away after you pick it up.

Orca flip stopped working in the latest version for Mac...

press the down control, then the jump control

For some reason, I'm not able to orca flip in the latest version. Also, when I started a new game, my extra health from the previous save carried over.

That is one of the three ways I've found to get out of the map.

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Train glitch

You have to get out of the map first. Not sure if this is considered a bug though.

The cerulean tunnel glitch is the easies one to do.

The infinite double jump seems to happen when you're sliding on a wall, and you go beneath the map borders. Once you're outside of the night market map, you can go to the very right side, and you'll see the train from Flyn's alley go by. It's possible to jump on the train, and go even further off the map.