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Thank you very much! Your animation is also impressive! Your work is great! :)

Looks great,  good voiceovers and dialogue. Really good prototype, would like to see more of this :)

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Wow I love this game, graphics and sound design is really soothing, hack and slash mechanics fits well into tower defense framework, this is first time I see something like this actualy, it does feel like you (the duke) are in the center of the experience and towers are almost like your spells or items, its does not feel like absolutely tower centered game with one "worker" running around, thanks to some dialogues, tower upgrade mechanics, hack and slash mechanics... Excellent, I'm buying  when it's finished! I had only one frustration in my experience, I did not know how to start the game, did not know I have to use "E" key, I think "enter" key or mouse click key should work. This can be critical, I almost quit trying to find the key, that would be real shame if I did not find it quick enough.

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Great puzzler, not hard but still fun, interesting and rewarding. Though I would have appreciated someone telling me what to do in the first level, I accidentaly learned the core mechanic of the game, that is pushing a shape object into another same shape object. This has potential.

Cool game, my favourite out of related game jam games. It is really self-explanatory/intuitive, because it is so simple, you don't need tutorial or explanation. And the game starts really easy and builds up at an appropriate pace. Although simple, the game is very engaging, love it, it also has a mean soundtrack. Good job man.

Hi Adrian, I don't know was the game paused or I did not put my crew onto aproriate places. Anyway, I can move the ship now :) Thanks, really interesting game.

The concept is really cool, I'd love to play this but currently it does not seem playable or I just don't know how to move my ship. I managed to get into combat, I realized that I have to put my pilots into pilot seats, but that is it, seems like I can't do anything else, cant move ship or anything. I'd love to play it, looks really interesting, but I almost gave up after few minutes because the lack of tutorial (or self-explanatory things), because I could not do anything.

Good luck!