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Took a few minutes to understand how to do it, but it was very good! Loved the art and the music :)

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you very much!! :D

I really love the game, the graphics are actually pretty cool! :P Really nice sound effects as well.

I really love the game, the graphics are actually pretty cool! :P Really nice sound effects as well.

Thanks for the feedback! To exit, after it says to push the door, you first need to find it, and push for a couple of seconds holding "W". Unfortuntaly the game doesn't have actual instructions, because me and my team thought to insert them in the dialog system. If you had exited the door, after a few seconds, the player character would have explained how to use the key "E". We are now already fixing those issues, as many people couldn't exit the cage, and we made it more clear on how to do it! Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing, hope you'll be able to do it now!

Thank you LeeLooD! To exit the cage, as the player's character says in the dialog system, you just need to push the door a few times, after it says to. The glowing sticks, as it will have explained later, can be used to mark places you've visited, and know that are right, wrong, or just too dangerous (you'll be able to see them even from a pretty far distance, even if there is a lot of fog). As you suggested, me and my team will make the game a little easier, and will make better instructions on how to play! Thanks for the feedback and for playing! :D

Hi, thanks for your feedback! What to do and what keys to press are explained by the player character's dialog, but they don't all show at the beginning, so I'll definitely add a page that explains how to play! 

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D 

Nice idea, pretty nice graphics, but still the gameplay can be improved. I think you could turn this into a very interesting game! :)

The art is not bad, the controls could be improved, but nice animations and the idea is nice :D

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Nice game! The audio and music are really great! :)

very strange game haha but still was fun to try! :P

Very nice game: very simple, but with great pixel art, very nice controls, smooth movement and animations, and  great sound! I really loved this one, well done! :)

Very simple game, but still nice! I think it can be improved, and that it can become a game with great potential! :D

Nice little game. Pretty simple but I think that, if improved, it can become a very interesting game! :)

Nice idea, the game could still be improved. I think it has potential :)

Very well made game! The art is amazing :D

Really nice game, I'm surprised you made it in only one week! Very well made :)

Nice game, the simple graphics were actually very cool! The music could still be improved, but overall not bad. :D

Great Game! It's really realistic. At the beginning, I hadn't seen it was the actual game :P

Did you push the door for a little bit? Try even pushing for a couple of seconds! That's really strange. 

Interesting idea, nice and simple background soundtrack, love the pixel arts. Overall, nice game! :D

Wow, well done for making this game in under 3 hours! Definitely very good game for the time it was made in :D

Hi, to get out the cage, you need to find the door, and (as the player character will say) push it a few times! 

Very interesting idea, nice art style, very smooth game. :)

Cool idea, very simple graphics but very good. Also nice audio and soundtrack. Very well made game :)

Very cool idea. I absolutely love the simple graphics, the character's animation, the sound... everything! Very well done game :D

No audio, but nice graphics and UI. Nice game :)

Very cool idea! I think the game, as it is, could be a little repetitive, after a couple of times. But you could develop and expand it with different levels and more things to do, still with the same concept. Very nice game oveall! :D

I really like the art, the player character feels a bit too "slippery", but overall very well made game! :D

Very interesting idea. The simple graphics are really nice, the sound too. Very well made game! :D

Very nice art, audio and soundtrack, nice atmosphere in the game. The game can be a bit repetitive after a couple of times, but I think that it has potential. Overall, already a very nice game! :D

The art style is pretty nice, I like the atmosphere. Great audio, the movement feels a bit strange. Was not very clear what the player had to do. Overall though, pretty well made game :)

I like the atmosphere and the lighting of the scene. For the movement, I would suggest to add the possibility to control the speed. Nice game overall :D

Really nice game! Similar to subway surfers. I think you should add more ways to slow the agent down. Very good music and cool animations too. Really loved it :D

I love the game, interesting Idea. The sound effects and the soundtrack are really really good. The menu really grabbed my attention, very well made game! :D