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Yeah, i found out about ludum dare 5 hours into it and i have such a hard time completing ptojects i knew those 5 hours would haunt me so I just helped some other people with but it got me wanting to do a jam so I created this one!!!

I don't know, every week seems like it might be a bit much. I suppose it could be done every other week.

The theme is MolyDeux. Pick an idea from https://twitter.com/petermolydeux and develop it!!!

I updated the rules because someone mentioned they were confusing;


1 - Only use you're own content unless you have both the permission of and give credit to the owner.

2 - No cheating and buying complete packs from the asset store and the such. You can download free assets but save your money and your sanity and don't purchase complete packs.

3 - Have fun. Don't stress it too much, game development is supposed to be as fun as the game's you are making.

Voting for the Crazycram Jam is now open, vote now at https://strawpoll.com/xd294b9

Sounds awesome, i may put that as one option!!!!

CrazyCram Game Jam community · Created a new topic Teams

Here is a place for you to list your teams. Please include contact info; chat server, website, etc. so people can try to join your team!!!

Nice, will definetly be up for vote!!!!

CrazyCram Game Jam community · Created a new topic Theme

Theme will be voted on in the three days before the Jam starts. Please comment your suggestions. I will also use some randomizers for ideas as well!!!