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Eyyyy, it's my speed complaint! Thanks mate, happy that web works now. Interesting stuff I noticed last update, try to meteor smash, but go in a horizontal direction while holding S. It's not particularly useful, but hey, delayed gratification never is as strong as instant. ;)

sevencrane, I arise from the dead to achieve maximum surf power once again!

ha, same.

Faster animation and less effort for a similar product...
Why, if I wasn't weird, I'd call that cheating, but instead I'll call it the best option avaliable!

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Fair, Fair. However what's the difference between this project and the test version?

So I can't tell if this is intentional, but I like the movement tech when it stalls your fall when you attack! Nicely done metroidvania.

It's fine mate, just keep on doing what you do! Also what is steven smoking and can I have some?

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic The New Images

I see what you are doing sevencrane, and I am happy. Also is that a new boss I see?

Awa- HUH?!

Thank you for telling me! I'll periodically check back on this. Still find juggling funny though. Heheh

Yur Welcome!

To quote a wise punchy boy, YES YES YES!

Also, I can juggle the enemy as kiki. Perfection.

Ok apparently it's proximity based, so if the model that falls is close to others, they all disappear.

Nice! Also, bug report! If you push a block against another block, and one goes into the hole, the other disappears.

Great Game! Love the way the combat works (couldn't seem to pull off x+down though), and the aesthetic. However, I do have one question that I never got the answer to. WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT DAMN CAT STORE THE CONTRACTS AAAUUGGHHHH

You now, what I really expected to happen was the earth would turn into a banana. I mean, you got nitrogen, potassium, water, and phosphorus. I'm surprised the earth isn't a banana.

Beautiful. I have no idea what i just played

Gordon, I'm hungry.


Nice game! Also, what does blue fairy mean by seaweed? Just curious.

Yeah, I had the same problem with other WebGL Unity projects. However, I do also have a laptop with windows. And yes, it does have the play store! I'll be back to rain praise soon! :)

Yep. That's exactly it! I really want to play it and compliment yall on the game, but the picnic basket doesn't end the level.

Great game! However, user problem. I keep saying ZA WARUDO and TIME WILL NOW RESUME each time I use time stop. Send help.

Not sure if it's a problem with cromebooks, but I can't get past the first level. It may be a mistake on my part though, but I can't reach the rest of what seems to be a beautiful game without beating it ;-;

Eh, we all make mistakes sometimes.

I saw it, and I thought it was a nice addition! Nice game, but then again, you're st33d, so what games of yours AREN'T good?

I haven't beaten it yet, but when I do I'll try to steal somebody's wallet and donate so hard!

If only I wasn't broke I'd go to the patreon and support this dev even without the update! This is a great roguelike!

It's a joke lad/lass, don't worry.

XK-Class End of the World scenario, become god and destroy anything you touch.

Great game! If I may suggest, give players more of an incentive to switch weapons, the game has great potential, and I'd hate to see it go to waste! :)

Oh, oh no. I figured out what k does. Oh god, it's just like z in eGG.

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Had trouble my first campaign, but I managed to do it with the peasantry the second time! Overall great game! Now to go overthrow the king and seize the means of production...

You fool, Lala's power is not constrained by your mortal bounds.


Is it bad that I read some of their voices in OwO?

Hmmm, eg"z"

Btw, love your games eggs. Keep on!

I frequently think every now and then, of the glorious fruit of the noble hen.

EGGS! Yes, eggs. E double G S eggs!


[engineernope.gif intensifies] Ok but seriously nice game.