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Ennis Rook Bashe

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asked my crush to play this with me, wish me luck 

fits great into the world!

I don't play a lot of solo games but this was really good 

Hey, I would really love to check this out, but my e-reader doesn't do Epub. Do you have any plans to add Mobi or PDF formats?

This looks so cute, I hope I can play a demo soon 

Mine was a sunflower pet!

this looks so good. i love stuff like this. 

this is incredible, i love it, i can't even 

update: i'm trying to convince my friend who hosts a tabletop game stream that we gotta play this on stream, wish me luck 

as the owner of a two-year-old maine coon i feel that this game perfectly captures the essential nature of cats 

ahhh thanks so much! 

this is so beautiful??? you're so good @ words? mad poetry skills tbh 

this is mood and aesthetic and i want it 

itch takes basically all file formats! i've uploaded epub, mobi, word, and more. the most usual format used seems to be PDF though. 

this is aesthetic af, i want to frame it and put it up in my actual house 

oof, i had a friend group like this a while back, not fun 

hey, i think you might have maybe entered this game into the wrong jam? nbd, just wanted to let you know!

i haven't bought this yet but my apartment's heat crapped out for a week in december and i wanna say that nothing has captured my mood so perfectly as yr description of this game 

This is such a great game! I wish I could find someone to play it with. 

i lived next to my grandparents for four years and this is honestly the most realistic game... i love it i'm going to make my friends play it with me lmao

I will totally play this with my academia buddies.

fun and silly!