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I'm so excited, Halloween was the first game I played on and Valentine is one of my favorite otome game ever! (MIRA= BEST GIRL), So I can't wait to see what christmas have in store for us this time!!! ♡

Thank you for the fast reply! Can't wait to play it then :D

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Is this game finished? It's seems interesting ^_^

Wow this is so nostalgic! Lucky Rabbit was one of the first otome game I played when I was in high school :D looking foward to this game ^_^

I'm super excited for the kickstarter! Sadly I won't be able to give as much as I was ready to because of the sad news that the PS Vita and Ps3 store will soon close... Dx But I will still pledge what I can ^_^ (just need to rethink my finances for this month) x( viva the stident life xD Good luck!!!!!!! ♡

nvm, when I restarted the game it worked :3 so maybe this was a bug

Hi, I have a stupid question... I just download and started the demo and I am already stuck XD I can't seem to be able to spin the wheel to make the first remedy x3 I don't know if it's just my mouse that is too old or I'm missing something... plz help XD

I am really excited about this project! Maybe you could get some advice from other creators with succesfull kickstarters, of course I don't know if this will help, but can't hurt to try.^_^ I supported kickstarters projects from Gb patch who is currently making Our life: Beginnings and always, and as a supporter I was really satsified by how they did their campaign and how they keep everyone up to date :), also Velvet Cupcake games  is currently doing a super succesfull kickstarter, Made Marion. There is also some good advice on the site of the game The Divine Speaker. :) I don't know if my comment is helpful our not, but since I really not hard to please and I am already ready to support this project, I wanted to share my opinion on the creators of the kickstarters campaigns that I really liked and though were good exemple or had good advices to give. X3 (sorry if I made any mistakes, english isn't my fist language).

Congratulations!!! :D

Thank you for the update! take care ;)

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Thank you so much! I was able to download it with no problem and I love every second I played the demo! I am excited to follow the developpement of this great game :) I love the MC she is so interesting, I feel there isn't enough MC like her, you can really feel her hurt and I am really curious to see how she will grow and hopefully heal through this game and her relationship! Ise stole my heart completely! XD

I have to say that this demo exceeded my expectation from when I supported this project on Kickstarter, I was happy to support a VN made by a Canadien compagnie ( I am from Quebec) and the story seemed really interesting, I'm not disappointed!

Thank you for all the hard work!

Hi I have a download problem, I have a pc and when I try to download, I get this message:

An error occurred during installation : Cannot read property 'build' of undefined

This is the first time I get this error on this app, so I was wondwring if you could help me with this?

I am super interested by your game since the kickstarter! :)

Oh I like C and F :D

I prefer B :)

Hi Ajané,

I love your work so much and the wait is always worth it! ^_^ I know you had some bad comments by unhappy followers and that makes me sad because I love your work (sorry repeating myself XD). I trust your intuition as a wonderful creator and I, for one, don't care if Naoki as one less chapter. I believe the worth of a story isn't its lenght but it's quality! :D I love this story so far and I am sure I will love Naoki's!

What I like about this community is how much heart the creators give to their games and that's what I love about you!! ^_^

I hope you are taking care of yourself and I am patiently waiting to see your work either right now or in the future!

Hi! Did this game get cancelled? I really liked the other game that you made so I was excited for this one but there I can't find any news about it...

I hope everything is well x3

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in your game and for the regulars updates! I discovered Nusantara : legend of the Winged after seeing this game and it's one of my favorite VN! ^_^ Can't wait to play this one! (JK I can wait :P) So excited and I will happily continue to follow it's progress too :)

Thank you :)

In the guide what does it mean when it says ''BLOCK'' Does it mean I can miss content if I don't have the stats?

Hi, I pre-ordered the game with the guide and I was wondering when will I get the email with the guide? :) I already got the steam key and I love the game so much, I am already almost done with my first playthrough :D I love how the MC is so ressourceful and all the characters are so interesting!!! GJ with this wonderful game! :D

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Congratulation for the release!!!!! I was really looking forward to Dark Nights! <3 :D

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Really liked the game, have been a fan of your games eversince I played Loren!!!! <3 I really related to June relationship with her dad and I really like that the game give us the chance to concentrate on that relationship instead of always the tipical romance routs! ^^

I am so excited to play it!!!! :D I just have some questions ^^ I understand thay you will send key to people who pre-ordered the extended game.  When I bought it I paid 8$ for the extended game but I see the price changed, so will I get the extended game or only the base game?  :) Just to know if I have to pay more later. Still do happy the game is out, thank you for the hard work <3

I completly agree, I really like this game too and I really don't regret the wait at all. I love the MC and I really loved the relationship developpement between her and Hayato. :) I don't think it's an obligation to have kiss scenes in an otome as long as the story is good and cute, which I find this game just adorable. :D

Will happily wait for the rest!! ^_^

I loved this game, this is one of my favorite visual novel I played so far and I play a lot of them!!! x3 I loved how the game made the character grow, Lucette was my favorit of them all which which is rare, since I feel most of the female protagonist are lacking or just not strong.

 Lucette is none of that and she is one of the character that grew the most through this game. You can really understand why she is how she is and I will feel attached to her.  Of course all the other characters are really well developped too. :)

Exploring the story was really fun and there wasn't a time where I got bored of it. ^^ The art is beautiful and the story is as rich or even more then very expensive otome games.

All the interactions between the character were natural and really made the story even more interesting. I also like how it's not some game where everything go well and is all happy go round.

I really love and admired this master piece frome Dicesuki!!! <3

I really recommand it to any fan of visual novel! ;)

Yeah!!! Then I will buy it right when I will get my next pay! :D thank you for the fast reply. ^_^ /

THis is suriously one of my top 5 otome games I played so far and I am counting the expensive ones!!! Loved this game, the main character is just so cool and smart, I love all of her comeback especialy in Zane's rout. x3 She is one of the strongest main character I see in those kind of game and I love it!! The story is great too, it kept me suprised all game long and all character are really great and deep! Ok I think I am just repeating myself there... :P I am really happy I waited for it's release, since I loved the first game  and this one was even better!!! I admit I would love to see another one of that storyline!!! Love synokoria's game <3


I saw on your web site that the game was released on june 2 but on Itchio it is still showing that the game is still on early acces. So I was wondering if it was completed? I have been wanting for this game since it looks great! 

Thank you for your work!

PS: Sorry if I made mistake in my message, english isn't my primary language.

Just happy to know it's not dead! :D I can wait super long for visual novels :P, been waiting for Amnesia for years and it ended up coming out on steam. So, as long as we get it, I am happy!