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you get it from attacking enemies, it's not very noticable at the start because the health depletes very fast, but it does get quite a bit more noticable later, because the health start decreasing slower when it's low

That's odd, I have no idea why this glitch is specifically happening to you. Anyway thanks for the nice review! 

I've never been able to replicate the not issue of not being able to replay the  game. Does the "Click to retry" button not show up for you? 

If someone doesen't get more than 10 votes, can they still win a jury category or can they just not get any prize at all? 

If the same person wins multiple prizes, do they get to keep all of them or only one? If it is just one, do they get to choose which one?

already rated yours as well


already done


done, really interesting idea


I've also already rated this one

I will now rate the remaining games and then I am done with the rate for rate thing.

If someone already started rating my game before they saw this reply, you can still tell me and I will check it out


I've already rated your game previously but thanks :)

Nice! That is the exact experience I  intended when making this game :)

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edit: I am done

Hey, sorry to bother you again, but can you look at my new reply to your comment? 

Rated! Now you can do mine

Rated, here is mine:


Rated! Mine is:

Rated. I would appreciate if you returned the favor:

Here's mine:, I've also rated your game.

video gaming

Thanks for the criticisms. We have taken then into a count and have adressed them in our update :)

The documentation file has been provided so feel free to rate it now :)

The documentation has been provided so feel free to change that rating by a star or two :)

If any game so far deserves to win, it's definetly this one!

I found out about this jam just a few minutes ago but I'm still gonna participate.. This is gonna be a busy day!