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Brilliant! It was very satisfying to blast the [spoilers] out of the sky ;) Happy New Year to you too, Mateusz!

Possibly the first one where I manage to find all the gnomes. :D Thanks for removing the time limit! ;) And also thanks for all the in-game bonus items. ;D

I was eagerly awaiting the 2020 game, happy to see the tradition go on! Unfortunately it's the second or third New Year's platformer that I rage-quit. 馃檲  No New Year 2020 for me, I just cannot. Happy New Year to you though!

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I keep the .app, the .swf, and the sub_loc folder at the same level, inside a SNEE folder which sits inside Applications.

And the only thing that worked for me was to drag and drop the .swf file in Chrome. (Opera and Firefox didn't work, got "file not found" or a blank screen.)

PS: Oh, and I also removed the old files from Applications. (I kept a backup, just in case, but not anywhere inside Applications.)

Hellooo! Happy Holidays! Thank you for the game! :D

I can't describe the following bug without mentioning a location; it's one of the very early locations, easily obtained, but still: 


which I'm going to fill with my system details:

MacOS High Sierra, Macbook 2017.

The sub_loc folder, the .app, and the .swf are kept together as in the zip.

I've temporarily disabled the Gatekeeper, or I wouldn't have been able to run the app itself, but I get the bug when I run the .swf file too.

I've started a completely new game, as advised. Everything is new: the sub_loc folder, the app, the swf.

Bug: In location 628, when I press the red button that should take me to an "alternate universe", all I get is a blank screen. The main menu keeps working, so I can quit the game for example, but I can't do any more in-game actions. I'd try to add a screenshot, but it would just be a black screen.


I'd be happy to provide more details, including a screenshot, if needed. I'm hoping it's just a case of Mur messing with a location file and Liz can persuade him to cease this prank.