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Anyhoot - lovely, this game is owl about philosophy :)

really smart HP design and appropriately toxic vibe (I really hesitated to step into the water)

outstanding puns! would be even cooler with an ending

I don't think I managed to "Finnish" it, but I'm a foreigner :D

this space is amazing, really liked the progressive disintegration and clever use of special characters to represent inner states.

feels like a montage, I built a rocket in less than 5 seconds :)

nice - collect leaves, then leave :D

cute love story in space. plus, there's donuts (do-not take :))

really nice environment and clever storytelling. really sad about the doll!

very meditative - felt like the stairs represent time, and some thoughts are growing

love the "dry" humour, lol. also, high hopes to find water in "W"-market.

super atmospheric learning-by-dying game; made me really paranoid and very happy to rescue the puppy <3

nice! feels powerful to be on the side of the parasite (paraside? paradise?) for a change!

this is cute, really nice level design and fun nightmare creatures

love the original 90s/snake vibe; also, this game is mean in interesting ways w many endings.

this feels pretty epic - cute animations and surreal landscapes

this is so surreal and scary first, but cute when the spiders meet each other in the mouth "paradise"

this is so funny, I really enjoyed dying while picking up candy XD

cool colour scheme and interesting pace.

pawsome mental health game; the invisible maze feels powerful.

wonderful minimalist winter morning game

sweet and wholesome dog advice simulator <3

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I had so much fun playing this at Quantum Game Jam. Super immersive, addictive gameplay, and beautiful graphics. Also, relatable theme of our everyday struggles with USB plugs. GOLDEN (also, let me know if someone beats my high score of 21 holes).

a poem simulator with a truly touching end.

5 stars.

This is powerful. Masterly illustrated, written & paced.  CW "sad" is accurate!

thanks for making this! the gameplay struggle resonated very much with how grief feels to me.

thank you!