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A member registered May 16, 2021

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Dashed into a checkpoint and got stuck in a loop dashing infintely into spikes, then respawning and dashing again, into the same spikes, so on and so forth. Good shit otherwise.

Kinda wish there were more maps, shit I'd even take procedurally gen'd ones, it plays so good.

game doesn't open, sad

managed to get the ball indefinitely stuck after sending it on a very high angle

For some reason I can't download it. I can download all other games fine.

Game proper (and the more inertia version) does not run at all. Level editor opens properly, game doesn't.

I can probably go even higher. I died because I sneezed. Will post if I somehow reach E+99.

Pekora's OP as hell if you can tame the stupidly fast movement.