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Hello, i just want to say this game is great, it can keep you busy for hours if you have time to kill and its pretty immersive.

But i found a problem and i am unsure if it has something to do with the games mechanics or my pc maybe but i have never had anything like this happen with any other game from here, steam or otherwise, the problem is i was mid game and suddenly it force closed, i had re-opened the game to find it looks like a glitched out gameboy color pokemon game.

The entire ground indoors and out is missing and the map looks like a miss mached puzzle my son got into with what looks like grid everywhere. :p

PS. the game got VERY choppy before it crashed, it seemed the more i built and progressed the choppier it got and i couldnt use "R" to feed while sleeping (not sure if im even supposed to be able to) or change items while walking.

Thanks for reading!


assumeing you were talking to both of us anyways xD

yea ill play sometime for sure man! im just about to crash for the night right now though haha

after the use of the first food item the game comes to a stop, i use the machine as the hint suggested and fooled around with various timed clicks during its sequence yet no other food is presented causing me to quit and try again with the same results :p cool game though its interesting for sure.

great potential cant wait to see this full of players, controlls work smoothly for me and graphics arent too shabby.

Good job.