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if you're interesting in seeing the video this a link. I found a slight bug

thats ok, I thought it was cool

I played this game, and I thought it was pretty cool, sadly I couldn't read. I made a video on it so if you want to see It I can link it when I upload it tomorrow

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I really loved the twist at the end, and I'm glad I could help find glitches, I know this game was new so I don't get mad at the bugs. If you make any other games I'll be happy to cover them too. anyways, have a good day / night

I played the game, and I thought it was pretty cool, I made a video if you want to here all my feed back

no problem

hey, I thought this game was cool, and it was a good starting point for an interesting game

hey, i know in my video i said somethings, but I really enjoyed the game, and I hope to see more from you and this game. again, I'm sorry if I sounded rude

I made a video on your game, it was interesting, music would be nice, but its pretty good

thank you, here is the video, again I didn't mean to sound mean if I did.

hey, I played your game, and I made a video on it, I'll upload it tomorrow, but I really enjoyed it, in the video, I got a little frustrated, mainly because I was not one with luck, anyways, this was a cool concept.

i played your game and i thought it was an interesting concept. i made a video on it if you're interested in seeing it

I will

this game was interesting and fun

I loved it, i made a video on it and I was fun, it got me a few times too

I loved this game, I made a video on it, if you're interested in seeing it, I'll link it when I upload it. I'll be on the lookout for more games, this was fun.

thank you, and no problem, I cant wait for a full release

this was very fun and interesting, I don't mind if you watch the video I made on it, but I did enjoy it

no problem, I love playing new games, when the full release comes out I'll play it

I played your game last week, it was really fun, and quite interesting. made a video on it too. here is the link: 

thanks, and no problem, I enjoy trying out new games. have a good day

this game was interesting, and I enjoyed it. I made a video on it if you're interested in watching it.

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this was a pretty cool game, I feel like you could turn this into a truly amazing rpg. I also made a video on it, if you're interesting in seeing it. your game starts at 4:43

here is the video

I loved this game, I'm happy Bianca convinced you to continue it, because so many people would have missed out on a simple, but creepy game. I look forward to seeing more games you make. I made a video on this, I'll send it if you want, but I don't like sending it off the bat just in case. anyways have a good day or night

np, go to 12:58, also don't take everything I say in this video serious

Sorry for the late response, here is the video link, the game starts at 3:39

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Sorry for the late response, here's a link.

This was a good concept, I would recommend increasing the sensitivity from left to right, because it is quite slow, and the enemies easily move faster than you aim. anyways good work. also I have a video of me playing this if you're interested in seeing it.

This was a fun game, there was a bug where it wouldn't let you pick up a block sometimes. also sadly I played the game before the credits were fixed. I have a video of me playing it if you interested in seeing it. anyways, keep up the good work

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This was a pretty fun game, and I found some funny things in it. I have a video of me playing it if you want to see it,

that is true, good games dont need to be long, they just need to be fun.

This was funny, I think it was funny how the ending showed you passing out and waking back up in front of of the bomb again

This was a funny game, I loved playing it.

This was an awesome and unique game, think you making this game, it was fun to play.

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I just played this for a youtube video and it was great, I loved the game design and everything, and what is especially great about this entire thing is you did all of this by yourself which shows great dedication. the maze wasn't as "Impossible" as I thought, I finished it within a few minutes with the power of luck. I'm looking forward to playing the full release. The dead guy in the chair during ch. 4 scared me, which was executed amazingly, I didn't expect it. Idk when i'll upload the video, maybe tomorrow. if you want to see see it you can look up endogen dimensions, or just find my channel and watch it. you don't need to watch it if you don't want to. Anyways, good luck on making the game and make sure your having fun doing it.

This was an awesome game, and I loved playing it

hey this isn't bad and I know this is dev build / your first game. I think the enemies should not be so difficult, they take so long to kill, and even two enemies will kill you since you can kill them fast enough. anyways this is a cool concept