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Really enjoyed this game! Short but fun and funny too! 10/10

I had fun playing this and got bamboozled couple times! 10/10

Had fun playing this. Short but amazing 10/10 

Short game but a fun experience! 10/10

Now this is what I call a fun time killer! Puzzle goodness

Amazing short game that has a nice story to it! I liked it! Good JOB!

Yet another game from yours truly! Dave Microwave! 10/10 I recommend all his games! 

A fun but short game! 10/10 

This game was very very fun, funny, and unique! Had fun playing it! Small game but definitely a time killer. 10/10 Would Recommend!

Fun short game! It was interesting! 

Chapter 1 and 2! 10/10 Remastered was GREAT! 

This game was really Fun, Challenging, Rage inducing, But enjoyable to play! 10/10 Would recommend! 

Yet another GREAT game from Dave! This one is difficult yet fun! Really love the styles of these games! Keep them coming!!! 

Amazing short HORROR GAME!!! Love the ambient and everything is very well detailed!

Not a bad Demo! If this game would to ever become a full game, this game would be AMAZING!!

This was short but good! Enjoyed it alot! Keep up the good work!

Played it a couple months ago when it first came out and I gotta say I really really Enjoyed it A LOT! I really Love your style of these horror GAMES!  


THIS ONE IS AMAZING! Not only is there different monsters each time you start a new game. But it has 5 different endings! 10/10 Recommend!

Another amazing game! Loved 3AM at the kusty krab, and I loved this one as well! 10/10!

Amazing game!! 10/10! I really love the style of these games you make, it separates it from the rest of the horror/scary games and they are truly unique. Keep up the good work!