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Yes, what I assume is the overworld map where you can spend crystals to return home

I think my main complaint about the demo, understanding it's a prealpha, is the moving experience. It's really difficult to tell where the tiles are and where it's possible for myself and enemies to move to. It could be a toggle on and off so that it doesn't interfere with the visual of the scenes. But really, gameplay is paramount in a game, and I find this difficult to navigate from a UX perspective. Same with the world map to a certain extent, it's really unclear how I should be exploring the world in order to get to the target. This might be resolved with a tutorial, but really each element should speak for itself and be easy to navigate without explicit instruction imo.

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I can appreciate both sides agreeing to a handshake agreement, but when it comes down to hard work, sweat and tears, and potentially money, I like to have my ducks in a row. Simply, I'm too jaded from handshake style agreements gone wrong

I appreciate you digging further into this. I await the verdict =]

Also interested in how first publishing right would work, and how a disagreement in publishing contract would work. I'd love to enter but would not want to be tied down to agreeing to a bad publishing contract or never releasing.

We just pushed an update last night actually! The downloads are all up to date. Hopefully you break that 100 wall, I know you can do it!

Haha wow this is awesome! I loved watching your vid XD So much fun to watch someone else having fun with our content. 84 is impressive! Leaderboards was in our stretch goals but unfortunately we just didn't get there :(

You caught a few bugs we missed during our testing period! We're going to address those and put out an update. Thanks! One of the bugs we addressed you will probably find rebalances the laser spawn rate in the early levels.

For the tutorial, we're going to make a gameplay tweak that makes it appear only the first time you play, but in the mean time you can turn it off in options.

Thanks for sharing your lets play experience!