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Whats the exact issue with the horse?
If your playing on the 5v5 build then you can go straight into open world without doing the tutorial.

Hey, I have been checking out the game and far it's pretty unique in terms of Saiko's AI and the creep factor. I actually would like to ask what your plans for the future of this project is? Do you plan to expand or change the map? Are objectives going to change? Are you working the project solo? and lastly, do you have a twitter so we can see all the updates and progress being made, or do you plan on making a discord? Good luck and I can't wait to see where this game goes!

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I use three trackers. Two trackers attached to the feet and one on the waist. I understand it will be awhile for full body, but I think it would be a really good fit for the game for the immersion is so fantastic. Good luck and sorry it took so long for a reply!

Do you plan on adding full body tracking? I would love to be able to see my feet and I feel full body tracking is so under used. I would love to punt those dog bots off cliffs or kick over other bots.

The game is awesome. I am glad you are doing better. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what this game becomes. This is one of the most immersive games I have played and would pay a really good amount for it. Keep it up! 

This game is seems like fun however my experience was... Rough. The Tutorial is confusing and it requires a HUGE play space (I had to run into my wall in order to enter the actual game).

Not a ready demo. I was thrown in with no sound and no tutorial. I quickly got lost and just ended the game. The only thing I can say about this game is that the idea is there. At the moment I do not recommend, however I will continue to look at it over for awhile.

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It has potential. I soon as I got in I did enjoy my experience and the physics were fun to play with. I wish all the stuff on the table was intractable and I found it hard to find stuff due to the fact it was dark. The art style was really cool and and I found myself a little anxious at times while I was playing. Great job and I expect this go be worked on further. 

Hey so I have played the demo a few more times and showed it to my friends. They seemed to really enjoy it. With the jumping I think I just had to practice it more because after a while to started to get easier. Also two quick questions do you plan to release it on steam and when is the release date

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Really good concept, I had a lot of fun playing it. The running and grabbing the sword was well done, but somethings that need to be improved is the jumping and the boss battle. I had a hard time jumping at times so something that would help is have there be different input methods so you can switch between the controllers to jump and a button. The legs on the boss where a little difficult to run up at times. Climbing up buildings was really annoying so being able to launch you self up the wall with giant pulls instead of needing to climb it like a ladder would help with that. It would also allow me to play it for longer period of time. I had a lot of fun playing and I can't wait to see what this becomes. Keep up the good work.