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A member registered Nov 15, 2016

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I've been seeing a lot of comments about multiplayer for some reason.

Even though Raven has said many times that there will be no multiplayer.


Never happening!

No need to start spam with #matrix.. Also if you press (default) 'Caps lock' or 'B' it goes into slow motion.

Good luck! Hope you make something really fun :3

Nope! There will not be a beta 6, just the full release on steam.


and hamach is stupid


Multiplayer is not happening! Ever!

I think he means when on Windows 7 (and other versions? I'm not sure I don't use windows :c) there is usually a warning when trying to run it..

Shouldn't effect anything anyway, just click the "do not show this again" check mark and press run.

System requirements? Very low, with the new update you can simply adjust some settings and you'll get a constant 60 FPS.

I hardly noticed they changed.

I believe it already has this, try changing the controls in the startup menu.

I learned how to use it after a while, I also recommend turning your sensitivity down for controlling helicopters :P

He made it by himself. And no, this game is made with unity, not java.