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Putting this on my PiBoy as we speak...

Just got the broken heart, loving the game so far!

I LOVE this demo. I can't wait for the full release. I am leaving my thoughts down below, because I know how important feedback is.

  • I was hoping we would get to upgrade our sword, but I understand between technical and story limitations that was not going to happen. It got me really excited though, and I would love to see the customizability that could come from it. My suggestion would be maybe having a button be like a lung/dash?
  • I was disapointed that we couldn't do any damage without the sword. I understand that we are weaker but faster/nimbler without the sword, but I would love to see a quick, low damage punch that we could combo enemies with.
  • I loved the platforming! I like the differences between sword and no sword, because it makes it feel less video-gamey, and more organic. You are carrying a giant sword, how are you gonna swim, right?
  • The music is great. It reminded me of the Messenger (which I loved), but not in a copying way. It definitely felt nostalgic while still being fresh and original.
  • The boss fight is great! I really enjoyed the two different slashes, as well as a ranged attack.
  • The enemy palette is my biggest (But still small) complaint. Every enemy is red-on-red, and I would love to see more variation. I thought every enemy was great gameplay-wise, especially the big spider-thing that spits acid.

Over all, I really enjoyed the game, and can't wait to see where you take it!

I love this game so much.

Oh...I get it!


What do the big coins do?

You just went from funny to creepy, man.

I can't believe I didn't think of saying that.

I love playing with balls.

5 milk out of 5

A very bad game

5 milk out of 5


The file doesn't have an executable when I download it