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Thank you so much!!! :]

i love you haunted mirror 10/10 would go into crippling debt again

I played it, and it left me emotionally compromised for the evening...(in a positive way!!!) I've been looking forward to this for weeks and it gave me the exact feelings I know it would! It's well paced, the quips are fun, the art is incredible... And of course the story heart-wrenching. I love all the characters and all the details about them that's discoverable between conversations! I haven't yet find the other two endings, but right now I definitely want to process it for a while, aha. ouchie.

Spoiler-ish warning:
My favourite bit was the one where you walk back and forth single-filed and Siff comments on missing human contact but tries hard to get some without asking for it out right. That really hit hard. God, please, someone hug this caring little friend. They need it so much.

What a lovely game!! You're incredible at using colors and making pixel style artwork. A fun treat with wintery vibes ^^ I look forward to see more from you!!

i ran the game on my mac with wine just fine! what a sweet and lovely game!! i love cute rpg where i get to help everyone out! i loved the atmosphere of the game, limited palette is my JAM!!

[spoilers ahead]

just one criticism, the clue on the mayor's house is really a little difficult, i really wish there was an option that lets you review the clues! had to look in the comments for the final three digits ;;

the only thing that stopped me from going through a perfect run on my first go was my clumsiness as i bought more spaghetti than i was needed, and ended up not being able to afford the toys to make the princess happy... that will go to the regretful whole food purchases;;

i restarted the game and used pickles to get a perfect run! i can't wait to see more of your work, and pip's backstory!!

also my favourite characters are harold and jolene... they're so cute together!! and the Rare Happy Artist. and the 32 years old princesses servant? i love all the character designs, they're all like perfectly huggable plushies!! >_<;; i really hope to see a conclusion to the couple that deals with swimming dilemmas (hope they worked things out...)

incredibly cute game!!! however i collected 10 moonflowers and thomas froze before i could reach the star prince :C i had to replay the game since there wasn't a save option;;; but other than that?? this is so very adorable!! i love the character designs... what a peaceful game!

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it was the first time for me playing games running on an engine like this, so it was a little confusing. i'm pretty sure i only figured out i have to write reports after half a month :,) but the rest of the game is so very sweet and heartwarming, and the music was charming. <3