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Thank you kindly 🤗. I was busy with my job 😑. 

Thank you for the fast answer, I didnt expect that, did I miss that sale ? :D. 

Hello, will be this font on sale wtih 45 / 50% off, like the other ones ? Thank you

Hello, i rly like your FONT on your preview. Is there any way to download/buy it ?

I didnt see him. He was out of the texture. Just boss health bar pops up above me, then I get surrounded by eyes, but no boss. I just saw his slash attack out of texture.

Hi, pretty chill game, but there is a problem with bosses. Sometimes, they get pusshed from map (i guess, its bcs of rigidbody / velocity).

Fixed :). Now your spawn is big so you can easily escape. Thanks for the feedback

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Guys, i tested this game like 1000 times, and i found bug "there is a like 1% chance not spawning EXIT (stairs)"

. Tommorow i will fix that.

Thanks man. Its demo, of course i will implement more decorations and some puzzles (levers, keys etc.) :D. But anyway thanks for the feedback.

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I totally accept your opinion. I always appreciate honest and negativy. Its good to see others opinion even its not positive. Thats what make things good. So I can work more on this program :) and make it better and more usefull 

Thanks. You are right. I didnt know about this program. IrfanView is old and complex. This one is simple and it only resize and save file, but it helps me. You dont need to install this

Worth. Thanks

I wonder how much time did you put on those flawless icons, Definitely worth 5 $. Thanks. Your icons will fill up my project :D

Dunno why, i tried to download it and it works. It write errors or did your antivirus delete some files ?. Its only Unity game.