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Ah, that's probably the culprit then. I hadn't even thought of the itch app. Looking into it, thanks for the report!

That's strange. There should be a file in User\AppData\Local\LD41 called with all your stats. Might check and see if that file exists or is getting deleted somehow. A new one can be generated by going in and out of the options menu. 

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Might be a rare bug.  Ammo should always be buyable if you have $5.  If it keeps happening, knowing the circumstances would be very helpful - (Web / desktop version, what browser, what round it happens on, etc.)

One of the funniest playthroughs I've watched. Thanks for playing!

There was! Just over 3 years ago we made the original version for Ludum Dare 41

Thanks for playing, wang!

That's a good suggestion! It's probably too harsh especially for some headphones.

Thank you so much! There's not much difference, but fullscreen should actually work on the windows version, lol. I'll have to figure that one out on another day.

Thanks for playing! I used GMS2, Aseprite, and FL Studio.

Yep. GMS2.