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fun! I'd really like more


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great game. there is a glitch where if you die and then jump on the platform right when you respawn, you get stuck and have to restart.

edit: i tried it again and couldn't get it to work so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know :(

I'm still working on that last 1 percent, so I'll let you know when I finish

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very fun (i do wish it was a bit longer tho)

tips on level 9?

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wow. this hit really close to home. i feel like there isn't enough nonbinary representation in the world, so thank you. <3

edit: I'm nonbinary, by the way.

great game. i love the music

Ohh. Thank you.


Is the fruit bat a grape

Amazing! The beginning reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

Biblically Accurate Angel

I laughed so hard while playing this. Amazing.

Fun. My theory is... 


The first couple monsters are objects, and the last monster that stalks you are your parents seeing if you're alright. The green part is just a dream.

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Great game. I love how there is the cute, cartoony style at the beginning, and then changes to the 3D horror style. 

I got the first two endings, but how  do I get the 3rd?

👁👁👁 Be not afraid 👁👁👁
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Great game! I do think the leprechaun costs way too much for what it does. Either decrease the cost of it, or increase the coin gain. Also, it would also be cool if we could unlock or buy merging (to combine two powers), if there was a hard mode, and achievements.

that happened to me too. i thought it was a feature, but when i reloaded the game it was normal.

There's a glitch where if you die when you have the digging upgrade, the speed upgrade, and/or the anti gravity upgrade (the one that lets you carry any amount of materials without slowing down) and respawn, you respawn with all of the upgrades.

great game! Not a huge fan of the sounds

This game is so cute! I love it.

I've been grinding on Akella the Wolf and now I have one max arrow barrage, one max arrow exploding, one max protective rune, one max bane of the woods, one max draw, two max extra hearts, two max magic missiles, three max poison darts, one max rain, one level 2 rat, the skull card, one max dark archer's mark, one max shield bash, one max shield, one max split shooter, one max swords of ka, two max eldritch hourglasses and one level 2 one, two witch curses, and two witches knife.

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I was fighting the witch at the end and she was at around 20 health. I then accidently used the skull card, which restarted the whole fight. XD

Great game! I got two endings, but I couldn't find the third.

Not sure if this is a glitch, but if you don't move, most of the monsters cannot hurt you (mostly just the moving shadow creature and blood creature in the maze).

Great game! It would be nice if the bosses had an HP bar.

If you get the perk "all cards cost one" and play shoot four bullets x times, it only ever shoots one row of bullets.

think that's good for a first time 

I used energy refill, the one that makes the bullets a bomb, and shoot 4 x times. I got to 62 before dying.

Great game!  Michele was my favourite character. I'd love a sequel! 

it is

This is amazing! I use it for art prompts


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My score was 98600. Not sure if that's good, but I'll take it.

weird in a good way

I love this game! It would have been smoother for me if going up/down the stairs was the down arrow instead of X, but that's just a nitpick. 9/10!

Really cool game!