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is it intentional that the platforms can be spawned inside of other platforms when using the bag?


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a small bug I've found
if you use the khan to to make blank tiles with the open chests with blank tiles as you die to a heretic, you can start off your game with more tiles than you'd usually have

I didn't think solitaire could be this fun! it's so goofy.

I'd be up for it

what is the third requirement? the foot doesn't make it obvious enough for me...

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more little non-intentional things I found:

balloons can be bounced off, and if bounced off to three tiles above the balloon's original spot, a fake balloon will appear 3 tiles higher than the real one, it disappears when it reforms though

at the transformation section, you can press jump a little bit the transform button, and this makes the milk body do some weird things, and gives you a higher jump if holding the jump button. this reveals the fish in the water is killable, for whatever reason

the fish maze has strange hitboxes...

the first lime in the line of fruits is put as a semisolid, I have no idea why, but I assume it's unintentional

if you jump across the fruit gap, you'll find the refrigerator's wall is offset

if in damage animation and climbing a ladder, you'll become invisible

in the second liquid section, holding right as you enter puts you somewhere unintended. You can get out, but it requires a damage boost and very precise movement.

pressing z twice near the hole after the second liquid section softlocks you

I love this game :b


note: you'll need to have the damage animation happen at least 4 times to do glitch

bug found: If you go into the expired milk thing, and hold the up arrow key, you can negate all damage

IT'S SO SILLY, i love it

ah, didn't know you could, thanks!

was sweet and spicy, 9/10, but encountered a bug a couple times that softlocked me if I ran out of fuel and fell to a landing pad

very silly, tho, there should be something in the way of holding down z at a single spot and gaining over 1000 points

Me gusta

I am... amazed. This is really well done, I love the art, I love the charming dialogue, I love the secrets, I love the story, the foreshadowing, the music, the jokes, the palatte, hell, even the background art. The only thing I can say I hate regarding this game is that I didn't play it sooner. 

And I will mention, pressing up after leave the office building makes you go through the roof on your bike.

Also wanted to say, like how the game addresses going up and down the elevator.

skill problem

indeed, should've given us precision platform for the inappropriate images

10/10, better than skyrim

my eyes, they burn.

I love being toyed with by the hands of god


genuinely, this is the most charmed by dialogue I've been for a while

good game, had fun going through despite it's length

a bit basic, but fun regardless

this game has really fun mechanic, and this animation is extremely smooth (still don't understand broken sheilds tho, lol), very fun game, would recommend. 

this says alot about society

5 things:

1. Great game, love the style, despite it's length

2. Maybe add a speedrun timer?

3. Might be a bug, but by using a ranged enemy, the boss never reacts and just lets you kill him from a distance.

4. I can tell following you was a good idea.

5. Not to gloat, but I beat the game without cheats B)

this game is so goofy, I love it.

this has a great style to it, really like it. Made me think of club penguin a lot, lol.

well, I already reopen the tab and it works properly now. But, last time, every time I clicked game, It would send me to this screen

yeah, the game keeps loading with this exact same screen. pls help

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I loaded up the game and what

windows operating system, google chrome, tried it again on firefox, still gave the same message. Yes it happens on startup

it says Error occurred: Failed to fetch dynamically imported module:

don't worry dude, I think it took me an hour to complete the underground section, so you aren't alone. Janky controls that kind of grows onto some but not to others, y'know?

couldn't you just have the displayed number be the real number minus one?

idk, makes it feel like cheating when i accidentally placed spikes on the upper path, permenantly stopping some players

great game, would prefer if spikes couldn't jump midair, lol