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I just read the comments here and didn't see anyone writing anything about the goal of the game and the difficulty. I wish there was a goal and more challenges

The idea is that after 1 game month on normal difficulty understand the mechanics and you can achieve a perfect balance of swinging in one place - perfect school performance and money over 1000. and vulgarity to keep everything at 1 level or lower. game even gave away Chaste 

The conflict I'm talking about is, for example. 

increase the frequency of random aggressive encounters. 

penalties under certain circumstances. 

Why can Inclinations be turned off? What is this nonsense?

For example, I was curious when I was locked in a gym locker, but no choice besides wait.

Also some stable debuffs. bdsm restraints? injuries? soiling of clothes?

saw about this game in

you throw like a girl. << in this game i liked that i have to hide my gender and no one suspects it.

from Degrees of lewdity everything that is connected with encounters, because there are a lot of checks of characteristics, but in dol on maximum pumping almost everywhere you can successfully complete encounters. and there this periodicity encounters increases with "beauty", in your game as the weeks pass, nothing changes.

and in karryns prison is coolly done that on collisions increases sensitivity.

I like to farm the characteristics. but your game I got bored very quickly, because trying to play very carefully - the game does not give me a challenge.

the moment you have a perfect school record. no corruption. lots of money. know what and where every location is.

no idea what for? What to do, where to go?

in dol you can play for feats or conditions you set for yourself. in karryns you have to clear the floor and see the result.

Add a goal in the game. in my case, if you have money and school performance, you obviously need to farm the gym, with standard speed and limit it's " Daily Skill Gain Cap" per day; i.e. it's just tedious.

the game lacks conflict. i don't see anything in the roadmap either.

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на стенах русские граффити, а в стиме пишет что не поддерживается русский язык. как так-то?

в трейлере 0:41 Его вина!; здесь на втором скрине "спасти", "спасти"

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а чего остальные свои игры не выложишь сюда? 

-"I Was Enslaved by an Evil Witch and Turned into Her Maid", 

-"Fake AI"?

судя по дискорду, последнему сообщению "...I’m going to take a break for about 4 weeks. Not really a full break tho, I take the time to think about how Level_2 should look like...", ближайшее время когда разраб вспомнит об игре, должно быть в теории 13.06.2021

судя по дискорду разработка идет с сентября 2020. т.е за 7 месяцев - ни физики, ни второй локи, а только преальфа или что это за версия (одна лока, два моба)

так что думаю обновы могут выходить с такой же периодичностью как и в "Escape from the Giant Insect Lab", т.е это вполне может статься финальной версией.

тебе удоалось открыть весь контент?

the computer version blinks on startup but loads, and the browser version from this site loads endlessly.