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That would be great! Looking forward to it!

Chierit is spoiling us :D Amazing work, looks like it would make a sick bossfight.

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Seriously though, this is sick chierit. Amazing work, seems like it would make a very fun character to play as (hopefully with a good implementation by me) :)

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Oh my gosh, a new Elemental after so long!! I really love the fast paced animations. Gonna be fun to implement when it's time! Amazing work as usual :) Looking forward to the remaining ones. 

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Well, I'll be looking forward to the release of the remaining Elementalists no matter how long it takes :)

Welcome back chierit, we missed you and your awesome art!

Great work <3

What is the name of the font used in the Gold Book examples? Great work with the packs by the way.


God damn cherit, this might be the sickest one among all the Elementalists yet. Amazing work, I was baffled at how good some of the animations looked! And I'm glad you're not making all the Elementalists melee characters, this will add a nice variety to them.

Amazing work as always! Can't wait to implement her to my game.

Thank you very much for adding the individual sprites! I love the new attack animations a lot too, awesome work ^_^

Alright, thanks a lot!

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Is it possible to have access to individual sprites with their names rather than a sprite sheet? It would make animating them much easier. Great work by the way!