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I am currently working on a new version with new mechanics :D. The next character will be Yor Forger

Hello shammy, I am currently busy with my studies that I haven't made any updates on the game again. Rewrite: Village Life is a game that I really want to complete but developing it is difficult because it has a lot of features/contents to work on.  I would love to develop it again in the future but I'll probably work on mini-games first (Strip A Girlfriend 2) to improve my skills in game development and also due to time constraints. I am very happy to hear that there are still people who are supporting me and the game. Thank you very much! Hoping to continue developing this game again in the future. 

Uhmm nope, But I can make your lewd dreams come true  ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ᕤ

Not in the next update, But there are plans for that in the future!

I'm planning to make a Ruka version when season 2 comes out!

Thank you! I also hope you're doing well

Yes, Fisherwoman will be included in the next 0.3.2 update :D 

Thank you for your feedback!

Did you use an older saves? saves from older version can cause bugs

Heroes Pack Please

The game is still in development so the debt wouldn't be fully payed yet. But may i know what year and month did she stop coming?

Samantha's scene isn't finished yet so she only have one animation for now.

I'm sorry transferring saves is impossible right now. I think you can do it on Windows Version but the thing is i always add new features (like mining) and other stuffs that makes the game incompatible to the prior versions. But once all the core features are set up and all characters are done. I think it can support the transfer of save data. 

No problem! Thanks for supporting the game :D

Does the dog have 100 Affection?

Thanks for your feedback i really like to know what part of the game is good and what part is lacking so thank you so much for this suggestions.

I'm gonna answer few things that you've mentioned:

- About the speed of the game, Time is fast rn because there still few things that can be done in game. Also, it is easier to debug if the time is fast. But we will change it later on if the public demands it :D

- Affection: I think the maximum 3 hearts per character will remain the same unless we want to make the game more bigger. Considering that animations takes too long to make and there are still many characters to add. We want to make sure first that we will finish all the characters then after that we will add new stuffs per character. 

- About the Combat, the combat will be a turn based game something like Pokemon. The combat will take place in the Mines and every 10 floors or 20, You will fight the boss to go deeper the mines. 

- I know that i haven't answers all your feedback but currently we are still on the early alpha stage so we are still setting up all the systems and characters that we need to implement. After that we will continue focusing on polishing those stuffs and proceed on making the whole story of the game.. 

Yeah the Mission is pure random as of now. Since there are only 4 missions it is those stuffs happened. 

Sorry about that it only happens when you are using the Windows Version. Will be fixed in the next update.

you need to have 100 affection first. You can check it by pointing the cursor in the heart in dialog ui

I'm not good on drawing and animating gay scenes but once we got more donations on our Patreon, i will commission an animator that could do it.

it is on the west side of the town (the 2nd part of town)

Titjob scenes if planned in the future updates :) . Thanks for enjoying the game.

Sorry for late reply. Sure i'll add Q/A thread. The game is auto save once you sleep on the bed.

Thanks for your report. I already fix this bug and will be get fix on the next update :D

You still need to talk and give them gifts everyday. To get the scenes for the villagers you need to talk to them at night.


Thanks! Yes, I already put the link in this page thanks again.

If you want to suggest features, story, characters or anything you want in the game. Please post it here,  all suggestion will be considered but there is no guarantee if your suggestion will be implemented. 

Your suggestions will help us to improve the game! 

Thank you.

If you encountered bugs in the game . Please follow the instruction below so that i can fix the problem.

  • Explain the problem.
  • Try to reproduce the bug and give instruction on how did you trigger it.
  • If possible post a screenshot and description of the area.

Thanks for your help!