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Here is the artist if you have not figured out who,  .

Thank you~ I checked out the music, they are still missing music they have in game that is not included, I still believe they used some Royality Free Music in there. I really like to know what they used, I would appreciate it any info on that.

I think they used Royalty free music, I heard one of the tracks in the game that is the same as one from Monster Girl Quest of all games lol Umi2 ~

This game is awesome, if only they had released full in-game OST than just the 2 tracks in mini OST.

It is very unfortunate that this game didn't get completed. Dev disappeared, it had be like 2-3 years. The Discord of the game got cut off a few months ago, the Patreon is dead, and I feel bad for all those who had high hopes for this game just like me. Fans I met had cool fan art, I doubt I meet them again, so I made sure to save those fan art they made so it won't be in vain. Even the main artist was still around wondering where the Dev went. The 2 other Dev assistants were left waiting...    :(    At least the demo was polished as possible and I got most of it as I could!