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The skulls, paint and roses room is not working, what is the password?pls

The AI created some creepy stuff

Nice one.

Please do, this one was so much fun.

Enjoyable, pretty good game.

I enjoyed the game. Pretty good.

Wish it was in english, looks good.

I am so excited, I already finished some rooms, and look forward to adding more.

Thank you.

I can't release Ashley from th cage. I can't find the password.

How do you get past the card game. I am stuck.

Ohdid not think about it. ok. thanks

The first one next to the statue. it is so confusing.

Like the game, but am stuck, wht is the answer to the riddle.

really? how about a queen's pastel party based o the marie Antoinette movie?

It worked fine, enjoyed the atmosphere, and very creepy teeth.

Nice, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Maybe you can consider doing a medusa palace? She would be a boss enemy

She needs to be in a game. She is beautiful.

That is great. I hope you do. 

Really enjoyed the game. Maybe add more puzzles, and monsters, and you have a gem. I really like the characters.

Yes, I think i need it another way, I tried many different browsers. None worked.

Ok. Thank you.

Good game. I wish the mines were seperate, and more puzzles. Plus, I didn't like the cake mechanic where the zombies became faster, but enjoyable.

This is nice done. If you are open to suggestions. I could help you build the story.

Thanks for this.

Really good. Would make a good horror game.

Omg. I can't beleive u did this.

I liked it.



This is a pretty clever game.

My girl Sayuri.

yes. it was a little hard.