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I played this and I'm literally in love! 

The characters are so well made and developed while also being the typical dating sim, I don't know how you managed to make them so individual!

Literally was surprised when the demo ended, I was so unbelievably invested.

I'm normally very picky when it comes to dating sims because they are all the same to me usually, and those I do like don't give me the sucker punch I felt with this one, not that the cliche's are bad but I only have very few dating sims that have felt personal!

I can't wait to learn more about each character's background and even Robin's as well! 

10/10 for me!

I think what a lot of people don't realize or take seriously is the name of the game.
As you start the story, at first I thought the writing was really rushed, but the further I got into it (SPOILER WARNING) I realized that a majority of the moments seem repeated. Like the MC has gone through this before.
And once I finally found the plot, it made sense why the MC just up and took everything. Everything was surprising but not at the same time. 
Who knows how many times the MC has gone through the month over and over again, how many deaths have occurred, and how many memories they don't remember.
I know I'm probably reading to much into this and it probably is just the writing style, but it fits perfectly once you understand the timeline. (Doing Sissel's route reveals a large majority of these things.) The way the MC has to do everything over again, having to rush and make sure everyone stays alive with the risk of forgetting something crucial and messing up again while also trying to act normal with their friends. Watching the MC panic and trying to get everything together and take care of everyone while also at the risk of being freaking murdered. Honestly watching this buildup is the most satisfying thing ever.
At first, the remnant seems like a practical joke, like their main purpose is literally just to be annoying and scary.
But as time went on through the routes, I genuinely started to get scared and develop a bond with the characters.

Advice to anyone going to play it, I was able to enjoy the game more and understand the plot better while developing bonds that are stronger when I skipped the lewd scenes until they couldn't be skippable, (ofc the scenes/pictures can be skipped but what happens isn't skippable).
It doesn't really affect anything, but the plot felt firmer and made better sense as things progressed. I went back to do the lewd options and they are really good! So make sure to support that artwork as well! Specially in the later updates because the producer's art gets better!