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I love the game, live streamed it, my stream is in Spanish tho ^_^ a complete experience, I dont mind it was short, actually I think the lenght is great plus awesome  replay value to check the other endings. I am now going to check other youtuber's reactions! Haha 

Awesome, thanks for the experience!

I will!!

Dude it is awesome!! Thanks!!

hey! Thanks man =) Im excited to play it

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Omg!! I missed for a bit the Creator day Bonus...just checked the email. Well I donated a bit anyway =)) It will be so nice to play de Arena game when it is released!! 

Mi hermano, es posible que no halla traducción de Miner's, ya que lamentablemente el esfuerzo tan grande de traducción  comparado con la respuesta de la comunidad han sido abismalmente comunidad de habla Española no dió buena respuesta. PERO si mi tiempo y otros proyectos me lo permitieran podría trabajar a paso de tortuga para que al menos exista esa opción. Gracias por el interés y creeme que es motivante...aunque sea de 1 sola persona. 

All right, yeah, usually with other languages apart from English, numbers are low. I just asked because a person wanted to know if a Spanish version of the Miner Problem was coming. But yeah, it was a lot of work. Thanks!!

Yeah thats awesome !! Whenever you want, a Miner Problem translated into Spanish, let me know  =))

Hey that is awesome! I will check it out right away! =D

Dude, this is great!! =)) Gratz!

hahaha!! It was so fun!! I´m a competitive pokemon player and loved it!! Beat it on first try!! SHARE SHARE SHARE! :D

No prob thanks to you. Keep going you are doing great. 

Hahahaha dude! Me and my wife had an awesome moment playing it as Turgut, a Turkish Alp (soldier) from the middle ages, a Fighter of course and Lawful God highly religious ( we are watching Ertugrul, a series in Netflix so we created a character from there xD)

So I was DM ( she doesnt know anything about D&D ) So I created the char for her and explained the basics which you explain combat awesomely. 

So Turgut was brought by a spell from the monks to help them with the mission. At first he didn't understand a word in Common language (didn't speak common but Turkish ) so monks had to do another spell so he could learn xD ( we had to somehow add a character from real life to DnD)

She didn't ask for any info just went straight away to train at the fight she rolled 1 twice which lead her opponent to victory. Then went straight to do the mission without getting info. 

After doing everything til the boss (no spoiler) she didn't want to flee and decided to attack ot straight away ("r u sure? u already know what's in the other room" "No I'm Turgut, Ertugrul's Alp God will guide my blessed axe" "Remember when it was alive it almost destroyed a city by itself" "My faith is bigger than tha" "ok") 


hahahaha we were laughing like no tomorrow and well Turgut alp became its slave...we laughed more because in Netflix series Turgut is brainwashed!!! That's its fate in the series and in DnD universe hahahaa

Thank you buddy keep doing this awesome job!!