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Awesome! :)

<3 (:

So many cool ideas here, it´s beautiful :)

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Interesting ideas :P

I can see the potential

A very fun concept :)

Well made :)

Cool game! :) Although that last level cost me some nerves

Highly fun! :) Shuffling the levels around is an interesting idea and a nice touch

Dieser Bernd ballert beachtlich

Puh ist der Jogurt doch noch gut angekommen.

Geiles Game, coole Grafik und passender Sound!

Cool game, although maybe too hard. Maybe I´m too sleepy while writing this, but I so get the vibe, and the visuals are great.

I encountered a bug: Setting the stroller on fire triggers an event which just loops till I die.

Not my type of game and didn't get far, but so very unique I loved it :]

My hands have never been so sweaty trying to reach for a pen and paper. Your games are so unique :P


Cool idea, cool graphics, not really much to the game though. Not even a restart button, or any way to exit.

Praise you for having an auto-run option, that alone makes you the most competent developer on this site. Awesome, beautiful game! Loved the sound-effects!

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Wish the cycle was seamless instead of a cut-off.

Else: Totally Awesome! Had me literally wave my head left and right like I was there for real!

Weird Font

Anyway, short and sweet! =]

Just played the Haunted PS1 Demo. Is the walking speed still that slow in the full release?

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Damnit, I couldn´t figure out 2 of the symbols and that you have to select clock-wise :/ Why is there even a CCW-option...

Also really expected that guy to appear in that corner, welp


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It was around the halfway point. Somewhere after that edge, I started panicking: Are there going to be any more hindrances? How would I overcome them? How did I even manage to get this far?

I lost my grip, just barely held on, jumping against the wall, trying to get back into the rythm. I got up a few jumps, then fell down again. I rose up, and I fell. What was I doing wrong? Did the gap get smaller, wont my tactic work here? It was then that I realised that I was focusing too much. I was tensing up all my muscles, without even knowing it. I had to let go and accept the monotonous rythm. I had to relax. Now, every few jumps I was feeling my muscles tense up, and every few jumps I had to let go. For that short period of time, I wasnt even staring at the screen, but in the distance. Then, I finally reached the top.