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Enjoyable, though a bit depressing if you've recently lost your entire family in a cave.

I enjoyed this.  Would you make a 2-player version?


35809, great job!  I wish space let you start and restart the game.

I really enjoyed the aesthetic and sound effects.

ASDFJKL would be a godsend for playing this on a PC! =]

Way too easy.

I love the duck, great sprite.


I thought loose gifts were power-ups (they are not!)

7.  Best death effect ever.

Got to 8, pretty fun.

Holy s. the 'music' that plays on death had me laughing hard.

I like the art style and found the game exceedingly difficult.

The type of game Commander Keen would have on his watch. Love it.

I cannot live long enough after whatever happens at the 3rd pipe to figure out what just happened.  Great job!

2885 - very challenging.


Visceral but the intense shaking was disorienting near the ceiling/floor.



My high score was 2 and I'm proud of it.

I really like the graphics.

A bit too easy until I hit a fast-moving pipe around 32 or so.

Wow, that's great!


Very difficult but also calming.

Your first game?  Great job!

I love how he controls - there is a brief time where I've got the high score of 23.  Makes me want to add global scores to my game!