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this game makes my brain happy. I don't get why but there's just something about the fact that this starts off as a very boring office job and quickly progresses to something dramatic that makes me really happy. this game is just silly 😭😭


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i dont usually play horror but this game is the mot awesome thing ever and im so gald i played it, honestly it was just the right level of creepy and so far I've replayed it 4 times in the past day.

edit: i just finished the 3rd ending AND I DID NOT EXPECT TO CRY. it was so... heartfelt idk but i loved it sosososo much

this is 100% my absolute favorite game, or at least my second favorite. can't wait for more games <3

Oh, thank you for telling me!

hi! so I rlly liked this game and now I want to make a visual novel too, could you please tell me what you used to create this?

the game is so cool, I was expecting something a bit more scary to be honest but otherwise,, this is a masterpiece. I love the artstyle too, it's adorable!!

My cat kept reacting to Jacob's sheep noises

i played it a while ago and loved it, im gonna try again for the true ending!


unsettling game about feeding cats. yes. Kissa looks like one of my cats, Trinket >:3

Vesper is so pretty my god >-<

thank you so much! I'm trying to make my own game :))

I don't know why but I love the Headmistress so much, she's so pretty and I love how she acts idk jsjsjs

Cool game btw I'm excited for more chapters!


the nb pin on Embry's costume is adorable and I loved how you include characters from other games into this! I played Cemetery Mary, Crowscare, and It's not me, it's my basement already :D

I love this game a lot, ty for this!

my sister has a piggy bank exactly like the one used in the shop!

This game...

It adorable, heartbreaking, and beautiful

I love it <3

I thought this game was a random "cute" tea making simulator, then I thought it was a horror game- now I think this is the game to top off all games because like

how am I supposed to put a label on this

No I haven't seen it, ty for telling me! I will see if I can claim a copy and then I'll review the game :>

This game is sad and beautiful, thank you, and please remember that there is always someone there for u <3

I couldn't play this game because I don't have enough money to buy it myself and I don't think my parents would buy it for me, but I played the three games separately for free and I don't think a game ever impacted me this much, I never realized what trans people go through each day, thank you for making me understand and teaching me. These games are so well made and beautiful, so again, thank you! Keep up the good work ^~^

 (,,> <,,)

- Daisy <3

I got the true ending and got emotionallll

oh my god I cannot find a way to express the emotions I felt while paying this-

played this game with one of my cats by my side :D

I honesty have no words about this game, it's really good :D

Also maybe add a small jumpscare warning?

Hiii! I was wondering what you used to create this game? I want to make my own horror game but idk what app to use to make it or how to code lol, any advice? I want to create my game in a pixel style like this lol

Really cool game! I would love some more choices to pick from and maybe some different endings? For example if you choose to ignore the neighbor when she calls and don't help her you will end up giving in the the monster and dying, but if you try and fight the monster and help the old lady you'll get the good ending. You don't need to do this ofc, just some ideas! :D

Why cut finger when you could cut Almond :D

I love horror games that are creepy, but not too scary and I loved this one! I hope you make new games soon :D