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Lapzod! Giant rodents! Tanks! What's not to like?!

This has made even my most unlistenable MIDIs sound good. Thank you!

He's a complex character. 😅

Not offhand, but if I remember in the near future I'll send you a message! There were only two or three, it was really minor. One of them was just use of 'an' instead of 'a' or something, I think.

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This is a fantastic piece of work. If anyone is reading this comment, please know that it's well worth the optional price. The art is high quality, consistent and distinctive, the fluidity of the animations is masterful, the soundscape has wonderful atmosphere, and your writing is always very eloquent. It did feel more like an "interactive, linear story", but your writing is solid, so that's not a bad thing. I'm stunned you put this together so quickly! Literally my only critique is that there were a couple of typos here and there, but it didn't ruin my immersion and is completely understandable with how quickly you got the game out (which is now redundant, they've been stamped out!) Looking forward to trying out the third ending tomorrow. Thank you for making this!

I was totally enamoured with this. Ever thought of expanding on it?

I love this game and feel that the difficulty curve is reasonably appropriate for a game of its size. Challenging enough to take a bit of time to fully solve, and also encourage replay value. Very charming for what it is.

All of your games are greatly enjoyable, really.

Uh, this is amazing. I played this with my ex boyfriend, and luckily he was already my ex boyfriend, because otherwise this game would have caused us to break up. Truly the sign of a wonderful co-op game. 

Genuinely though, this is fantastic. Never enough shared keyboard co-op games, and this is one of the best I've played in years. Thanks!

This looks and sounds great, but like others, am struggling to get it to respond to keyboard inputs in browser?

The graphics in this game were really charming! I struggled a bit at first because the arrow key symbols face in the opposite direction to the way they are depicted in the game, and the movements don't really sync with the beat. However, I'm glad I had the experience of playing it. Great job for a first jam!

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Hello, I love this game. It's such a simple, yet unique concept, and executed in an accessible way. Great puzzle progression, and the feedback the game gives you has personality while being encouraging. I really love that it's safe to fail and try again. Really enjoyed it, thanks!

Stumbled on this completely spontaneously, and loved it!

Very immersive, great atmosphere, and I really enjoyed the writing. Thanks for the experience.

This game is captivating, I absolutely loved it. It gave me just enough content to invent my own little plot, which is something I adore. Thank you!

» 𓆏 «

Incredible and endearing. And that soundtrack! 

I loved the extra little details, like the background animal silhouettes and tile animations. The hugs/digit-biting made me feel more immersed in the game-world. I also appreciate how the lack of text actually makes it more generally accessible. 

This game is a gem, thank you for making and sharing it.

Literally love everything about this game.