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This is so beautiful. I love what the creator did by not only depicting the hurtful words but also the kind words that should replace them. It is often appalling, the things people say to each other. Words do indeed hurt and we have all felt that pain. This game made me see the beauty in kind words especially when contrasted with their hurtful counterparts. 

This game has been very well designed. I can really feel the stress and anxiety the creator intended for the player. In the maze, I love what was done with the moving pixels, it makes it all even more disorienting than it already is.

I loved this. It's so beautiful that this exists on the internet! I did not even know one could "play" a "moment". I think this really highlights the small moments in life that mean the most and it is so heartwarming and gives me butterflies :)

Wow, that WAS intense. I could feel myself getting angry at what they were saying. The bright colors that switched between settings provided a heightened feeling of urgency and anxiety. I think you did a very good job conveying emotion here.