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Gave me a good spook! I really loved the story concept. Quite unnerving. 

Super great way to show guilt and the difficult decisions 911 operators have to go through on the daily. 


Wasn't ready for the ending though! Loved the attention to detail, such as the sound, and when the fire starts, you can see glowing in underneath the door in the office. And the details such as the whiteboard saying "Coward" and when you lie to the women you see "liar" on your screen, with slight glitches. It shows PTSD in a great way, and the hinting to the previous encounter and how that messes with your characters' perception of this encounter that we play through.  The monster that haunts you is like the physical version of guilt and trauma. Lots of layers, and that's what made it great!

This game is such a gem! Beautiful aesthetic, absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed it soo much!